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Designing a SEO website

By November 7, 2012February 12th, 2019personal

Everyone wants their website to be ranked FIRST on google, well, so do I!!! I did my research, reading up on the topic from these sites

If you are looking onto building a SEO website, you really should read up and see what you are getting into. Before you get into investing in web hosting from sources such as, there are a host of things that you may want to read up on first. Cause frankly speaking, there are a lot of terminology you need to know, like Google SEO algorithms, web analytics, to the content. Plus, there is also a lot of things that you need to factor in. With this being said, if you do find that you are struggling when it comes to understanding what this all means, there’s no harm in asking for a bit of help. As there are companies like Indexsy, who could be your solution to getting to grips with digital marketing, it may be worth doing a little internet search, just so you know you have a plan if you don’t understand this field as quick as you had hoped. Clients also need to know that, paying more money doesn’t guarantees your website to be on the first page, but you may have a higher chance. These are some basic things you need to know.


These words are the words that YOUR clients type into google and hopping that your website will be the first on that list. If you are going to choose a very board and generic keyword like “pet store”, you will find millions of pet store website popping up on your search result. But if you choose a keyword that is very unique, you might come up to first on the ranking page very easily, but might not be able to get enough traffic to your website.

Like me for example, if you search “Serene Soh” you will find all my website and related ads on the first page of google. But if you try “designer” I am no where to be found. Then at the same time, no one will actually type my name in the search bar unless they know me personally and want to do some research on me. So that is no good either. Instead, I choose a better keyword phrase, “singapore freelance designer”. There are still many competition, but I can slowly work my way up towards to top.

Keywords Density

Basically, this is talking about the number of times your keyword appears on your website. A good way to calculate is to see the number of times your keyword appears divided by the number of pages you have. So if you are doing the copywriting for your website, be sure to put in the keyword into the sentence as many times as you can. But not in a way where it will sound weird.

Age of your Website

Even if you did everything you could to get your website search engine optimized, don’t expect your site to be on the first page overnight. Say you are a sports news reporter and you just started your website 2 months ago, you will never be able to compete with sports giants like ESPN or BBC sports. They are here LONGER than you. So be patient. I just purchased my domain a few months ago so I am hoping that it will slowly climb to the top page when people type in “singapore freelance designer”.

But if you are unable to wait, you can always pay for online advertisements. Those can help you with your ranking as well. Try Google AdWords or Facebook advertisements. One thing you may want to consider is having website monitoring done, you’ll be able to see if there are any issues with your website and how you can rectify them, so your user experience does not diminish and your customers/consumers come back.

How I can help you

I can’t guarantee for your website to be on the first page, but I can do everything I can to help you to design a website that will be search friendly and advise you in ways you can to improve your ranking. Currently, I am still testing out my theory with SEO and learning them by myself. Engage me now, I will help you get your website search engine optimized for free.

With 5 years of experience, I will be able to help you design professional looking websites. Do take a look at my portfolio here < Singapore Freelance designer>

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