Mock up 1
Concept of having a journey, and like a painting, where the journey is not clear at the start, but as they stayed faithful and followed the path for the next 50 years, the image becomes clearer and clearer.

Mock 2
As the journey started with a vision from god, A black line that starts from the cross at the front of the page, and line art drawing that will run for the rest of the pages.

Mock 3
A more life style concept, with the image of the team on the cover.

Building on mock 1 water colour concept
There was the story of how SACS started where Mrs. Catherine Thomas Saw a villager plucking weed to on the road to treat the wound that he had. As she was a nurse and she stopped to give the villager proper medical attention. And that was how SACS started.


Building on mock 1 with the water colour concept.
The Idea i had was what if that (Mrs Catherine Thomas treating the villager) was not how it started, but instead, god planted the weed on the path that Mrs Catherine Thomas was walking on and let her meet that villager. And that was how the journey of SACS started. Thus there is the light with the vision of SCAS’s services and buildings shining on the weed on the cover.

Building on mock 1 water colour concept
As I was interviewing the chairman of SACS, he was talking about there were times where he felt like giving up, and he received a call one day from a woman he did not know, thanking him for saving her life. With that simple phone call, the chairman remembered why is was on this journey to help people.
So sometimes the journey of SACS, what they need is just a simple thank you that bring them throughout this 50 years.


Credit images used on the mocks:, Singapore Anglican Community Service