AFG Logo mock up

AFG stands as a distinguished sports management company specializing in the administration of football clubs across Asia. As an emerging entity, AFG sought a comprehensive suite of materials to inaugurate its business operations. Commencing with the pivotal step of logo design, the client sought a font-based logo that embodies simplicity, cleanliness, and memorability. Employing a subtly edgy font, the design was strategically crafted to evoke a sporty aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with AFG’s industry.

AFG namecard design mock up 1

Subsequently, our collaborative efforts extended to the development of name cards, letterheads, and presentation slide templates. I generated three distinct concepts for each item, engaging in iterative discussions with the client to fine-tune the elements for optimal alignment with their business vision. The incorporation of green as the primary branding hue was purposeful, with stationeries featuring tasteful green accents to maintain brand consistency. The presentation slides, sharing the same shade of green, were thoughtfully integrated to harmonize with the overall visual identity.

AFG stationary set mock up
AFG PPT mock up
AFG PPT mock up

The client expressed utmost satisfaction with the delivered outcomes, leading to subsequent collaborations on diverse projects such as website designs and company brochures. If your company is seeking expertise in enhancing its branding, I invite you to reach out for a consultation. Let’s explore how our collaborative efforts can elevate your brand presence and communication strategies.