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Freelance Website Designer Singapore

A good website or mobile design is like a great first impression: it should be eye catching, well presented and unique. Let me worry about the UI UX design for you and you can focus on your sales.

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Website Design

Are you looking for a freelance website designer in Singapore? Well, I am the one for you. I believe that graphic design is about communicating ideas and expressing your personality. So if you want to spruce up your website, let me be the person who can do it for you. Send me your content and brand guide and I will be able to design it for you.

I can design a website for you based on your brand guidelines. 3 mockups on the home page and we choose one, then 5 rounds of changes till we get it right. Once finalised, I will work on the inside pages as well. If you have a developer, he will be able to develop the site base on my design

I am like your virtual design assistant. I will do everything to make sure that your website is the best it can be. Get in touch with me and let’s get started on creating a great looking website!

Newway home website design done by freelance ui ux designer
A set of mobile app design for a football application

Mobile App Design

If you have an amazing idea for a mobile app but you’re worried about how it will look, I can help! I’m a freelance User Interface Designer in Singapore who specializes in UX/UI design – translating technical ideas and customer requirements into intuitive and engaging visual interfaces.

We can arrange a meet up to discuss on how your app works and I will be able to work out an effective wireframe for your app. After that we will then work out the design based on your brand guide.

Some of my past works

jumbo courier logo design

Jumbo Branding Design

October 4, 2023

Corporate Website Design for Winovus

August 30, 2023

Name card design for pet grooming singapore freelance designer

Branding Design for a new Pet Grooming Service

August 20, 2023

Website and Logo Design for Daily Vanity Awards

Website and Logo Design for Daily Vanity Awards

May 26, 2023

JED Trade Website and Name Card Design

JED Trade Website and Name Card Design

April 28, 2023

A logo design done for Travel Designers Asia

Travel Designer – Logo, Namecard and Website Design

April 21, 2023

A website that is designed for a Esports company

Website Design for Esports – Redd E

March 3, 2023

Website design for a travel company

Prime Cruise Asia Web Site Design

January 13, 2023

Histogood Photography Interface Design

Histogood Photography Interface Design

December 2, 2022

Website Design for Oxford

Website Design for Oxford Alloy

November 25, 2022

Goodtree logo design

Goodtree Branding Project

October 21, 2022

olea consultancy logo and website design

Olea Consultancy Logo and Website Design

October 21, 2022

See more of my work

We have worked with many freelance graphic designers in the past but none can match the professionalism of Serene. She is always helpful and willing to go extra mile to help us. Sometimes we have very tight deadlines. Instead
of discussing about the additional cost involved, she got down to her work immediately and deliver first before anything else. Wonderful experience working with her. Awesome lady. We would continue to tap on
her for our future graphic design work. Thanks Serene.

CEO (Mr Chong Chee Wah) and Co-Founder (Ms Wendy Chan) of TreeBox Solutions.

I was convinced she is the graphic designer for me. As an Event Planner, I am always happy to work with people who are eager, determined, willing to go the distance and prioritizes my work. Serene was all that for me. She has the ability to think outside the box. A brilliant freelance graphic designer.

Rose K Kuruvilla, Never Ending Ideas Events

Serene is always open to our many feedbacks and requirements At the same time, she is always willing to work to meet our needs despite the many changes that we requested. Serene is a helpful and a cheerful freelance graphic designer to work with.

Lois Teoh, TVC Pte Ltd

Thank you for all the great graphic design work done! Well done!

Cindy, Deco Gifts And Print

good graphic design job with LAF Serene, we really like it! 😉

Alvaro Quesada, Business Director, Tinkle International

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be able to develop the site for me?

As I am not a web developer, I will not be able to develop the site for you. However, I have a developer on hand whom I work closely. Usually I will work on the design and then pass the design on to my developer and he will be able to work out the coding and stuff.

How long will it take to design a website or mobile app?

Really depend on how big your site is going to be.

Usually I will need 1 week to come up with 3 mocks of the home page design to propose on the creative direction. Then 1 week for me to work on the inside pages, and we really should give ourselves another week to iron out the details.

What information do you need to start working on the website or mobile app?

Assuming is a mobile app, I will need to know what your app is about and how it works. If you have a wireframe already, that will be even better. Just show me the wire frames and let me know the flow the the app and I will be able to start working from there.

For website, usually I will need to take a look at your content or site map if you have any. Basically I need to know what information you want to show on your website. If you have examples of how you want your site to look like that will be even better.

Do you provide hosting and domain registration?

Nope I don’t provide hosting nor domain registration.

As these stuff are usually on subscription basis, I would prefer you purchase these things yourself and the account will be tag onto your credit card. And it will require some sensitive information in order to register your domain.

I would be able to point you to a hosting or domain registration company. Usually is godaddy or vodien.

Will you be able to maintain my website after it is launched?

I would be able to maintain the site for you at a fee, no issue on that.

What file format will I receive?

It will be either photoshop or Adobe XD, depending on your developer’s preference.

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