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Freelance Graphic Designer Singapore, Super Serene

Hi, I’m Serene and I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Singapore. I’ve been doing design work since 2009 when i was still studying for my Degree in Communication Design from SIM/ RMIT. I have worked with many international and local brands. During then, I’ve developed my own amazing graphic design powers after years of long exposure to radiation from working on my mac.

These are my super graphic design powers.

Logo Design samples done by a Freelance graphic designer in singapore

Branding Designer

I am a logo designer and I specialize in creating unique and distinctive marks that help you to stand out from the crowd. I have worked with numerous businesses of all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure that I will understand your business idea. After a consultation meeting and a detailed discussion about your business, we can come up with logo design proposals that are tailored to fit your needs.

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Various brochure design done by a freelance graphic designer in singapore

Graphic Designer

Are you a small business looking for a graphic designer in Singapore to come up with high quality designs for your company? Or are you a fellow graphic designer who need some additional support? Well, look no further because I am the graphic designer you have been looking for. I do large format prints like backdrop designs or pull up banners and small brochure and flyers as well. I also do reports like sustainability report and annual report designs as well. Check out my design portfolio for some of my past works

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A selection of website design cover done by a freelance graphic designer in singaore

Website Designer

Great website design can be the difference between a good and great website. I am a skilled front end Website designer, I will create an awesome design for your website that is not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and read. Whether you want to update your current website or have a new one made, I can help you to design it in the most efficient way possible.

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a singapore freelance designer's packaging design work.

Packaging Designer

A good packaging design will affect your brand. It can either turn a product into an experience, or simply look tasteless and boring. You could make your product stand out in a shelf full of competitors by having an eye-catching packaging design that is going to intrigue people to pick it up. It’s something small but sometimes it’s what makes the difference. And I’m the graphic designer who will be able to help you with all that.

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Past graphic design works

2020 Learning NIE magazine layout design

Magazine Design for Learning at NIE

April 10, 2024

DT group DL size brochure mock up

Company Brochure Design Project for DT Group

April 3, 2024

company brochure design

Marketing Materials Design for Humming Birds

March 27, 2024

logo design for beasoon

Beacon Primary School Logo Design

March 20, 2024

Brewtime logo design done by singapore freelance designer

Brewtime Logo and Tab Design

March 13, 2024

Logo design mock up for hues

Revving Up: Logo Design for Automotive Detailing Excellence

March 6, 2024

Marketing Material Design for Far East’s Hari Raya Celebration

February 28, 2024

Trifold brochure design for geoplan singapore freelance designer

Tri fold brochure Design for Genoplan

February 21, 2024

Logo design for La Niang Lash

Le Niang Logo Design

February 14, 2024

Ecopoint Final logo design

Logo Design Project for Ecopoint

February 7, 2024

newspaper advert for FSG

Newspaper Advertisement Design for FSG

January 31, 2024

TA care solutions logo design

Logo Design for TA Care Solutions

January 24, 2024

Chilli bottle label design

Packaging Design for 209 Homemade Chilli Paste

January 17, 2024

Hello Tomorrow EDM design mock up

Hello Tomorrow Newsletter Design

January 10, 2024

AFG Logo mock up

Branding Design Project for Asia Football Group

January 3, 2024

Event invite for martell

Invitation Design for Martelle Event

December 27, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a regular design work?

As a freelance graphic designer based in Singapore, I’ve heard it all – from “can you design me a logo in 5 minutes?” to “can you make it pop more?” But asking me how much your project will cost without giving me any details is like asking the vegetable aunty downstairs how much your lunch will cost before even telling her what you want to eat!

To give you an accurate quote, I need to know the nitty-gritty details of your project. What’s the objective? Is it a marketing campaign, event, or a new company launch? And what kind of design work do you need? A logo? A brochure? How many pages does it have? All these factors play a role in determining the cost of your project.

But hey, if you just want a ballpark estimate of how much it will cost to hire me as your freelance graphic designer, give me a holler or shoot me an email. I promise I won’t make it as confusing as choosing between cabbage or bok choy for your stir-fry!

Can I have a face to face meeting with you to discuss on a freelance graphic design project I have?

Certainly! I am available to schedule a Zoom meeting with you during office hours on any day of the week that suits your schedule. Or if you prefer an in-person meeting, I am available every Tuesday.

Now, you might be wondering, “why only Tuesdays?” Well, as a busy freelance graphic designer, I need ample time in front of my computer to work on my other design projects. If I’m constantly on the move, it leaves me with less time to complete my work. So, let’s pencil in a meeting that works for both of us and get those creative juices flowing!

I am very secretive with my current project, are you open to sign an NDA?

Absolutely! As a freelance graphic designer, I completely understand the value of keeping company secrets under wraps. In today’s cut-throat market, being the first or the only one to offer a particular service can make all the difference. So, if you have any concerns about your project’s confidentiality, just let me know.

Rest assured, I am happy to respect your wishes and ensure that your project doesn’t appear anywhere on my website. Your business is safe with me – I’ll guard it like a dragon guards its treasure!

Do you take up adhoc graphic design work from agencies?

As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I’m always excited to collaborate with creative agencies and take on ad hoc design projects. So, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

If you’re looking for a designer who can add value to your team and help bring your client’s vision to life, then look no further. I’m eager to hear from you and see how we can work together to create stunning designs that make your clients swoon.

So, let’s connect and have a chat about your design needs. Trust me, with my design expertise and your agency’s creativity, we’ll be a dynamic duo that can tackle any project with ease. Just give me a ring and let’s make some design magic happen!

My graphic design project is really small, would you still be keen to take this up?

Well, well, well, looks like we have a small but mighty graphic design project on our hands. To answer your question, absolutely yes! As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I’m happy to take on projects of any size – big, small, and everything in between.

You see, size doesn’t matter when it comes to design. What matters most is the passion and dedication you bring to the table. If this project is important to you, then it’s important to me too! Trust me, I’ll give it my all, whether it’s designing a logo, creating a brochure, or even something as small as a business card.

So, let’s collaborate and make your vision a reality. Give me a call, and we can tackle this project together. After all, as they say, good things come in small packages!

Are you open to be working in our office in Singapore for a short period of time?

I apologize, but as a freelance graphic designer, I won’t be able to work on-site due to my other client commitments. It would be unfair to bring their work to your office and charge you a full day rate. However, I am more than happy to work remotely as a freelance graphic designer and provide you with a detailed timesheet to ensure you have full visibility into my work hours and progress.

Please let me know if this arrangement works for you, and we can move forward with the project accordingly. Rest assured that I will dedicate the same level of attention and professionalism to your project, even if I’m not physically present on-site.

As a freelance graphic designer, I understand the importance of communication and collaboration in ensuring a successful project outcome. Therefore, I will make myself available for regular check-ins and updates via email, phone, or video conferencing to ensure we’re always on the same page.

What software do you use for your work?

For logo designs, usually will be Adobe Illustrator.

For graphic work like backdrop designs, posters design, brochure design, flyers and such, it would be either Adobe Indesign, or Adobe illustrator depending on the kind of work it is.

For photos touch ups, Adobe photoshop.

For UI/UX and website designs, I am still doing on the old fashion way which is Adobe Illustrator for wire frames and Photoshop for the front end design. But I am slowly moving it on to Adobe XD.

What are your terms of payment for your graphic design work?

For smaller project, it would be a 100% upfront payment. For other bigger graphic design projects, it will be 50% before we start and 50% after the project is completed.

And I understand some of you come from a company where their finance department need a 30 day credit. If you need me on a timesheet or retainer basis, I would be able to work my way around with that as well. Just give me a call and we can discuss in detail about that.

What are your working hours?

I am available from Monday to Friday and my working hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Do you work with overseas clients?

As a freelance graphic designer, I may be based in Singapore, but distance is not a barrier for me. With the wonders of technology at our fingertips, I have successfully collaborated with clients from all over the world, including Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Amsterdam, India, Japan, and even London!

So, whether you’re in the next town or on the other side of the globe, rest assured that I’m equipped to handle your project as a freelance graphic designer. We can communicate via phone, email, or video conferencing to ensure that we’re always on the same page.

After all, as a freelance graphic designer, I’m used to thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions to any challenge that comes my way. So, let’s connect and bring your project to life, no matter where you are in the world!

We have worked with many freelance graphic designers in the past but none can match the professionalism of Serene. She is always helpful and willing to go extra mile to help us. Sometimes we have very tight deadlines. Instead of discussing about the additional cost involved, she got down to her work immediately and deliver first before anything else. Wonderful experience working with her. Awesome lady. We would continue to tap on her for our future graphic design work. Thanks Serene.

CEO (Mr Chong Chee Wah) and Co-Founder (Ms Wendy Chan) of TreeBox Solutions.

I was convinced she is the graphic designer for me. As an Event Planner, I am always happy to work with people who are eager, determined, willing to go the distance and prioritizes my work. Serene was all that for me. She has the ability to think outside the box. A brilliant freelance graphic designer.

Rose K Kuruvilla, Never Ending Ideas Events

Serene is always open to our many feedbacks and requirements At the same time, she is always willing to work to meet our needs despite the many changes that we requested. Serene is a helpful and a cheerful freelance graphic designer to work with.

Lois Teoh, TVC Pte Ltd

Thank you for all the great graphic design work done! Well done!

Cindy, Deco Gifts And Print

good graphic design job with LAF Serene, we really like it! 😉

Alvaro Quesada, Business Director, Tinkle International

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