Rasa Indo, a beloved Indonesian restaurant in Singapore, is embarking on an exciting rebranding journey. Having served delicious Indonesian cuisine for over a decade, they want to refresh their image while preserving the core elements of their original logo. The goal is to modernize their look without losing the established brand recognition that their loyal customers have come to love.

logo mock for a indonesian restaurant
Logo Design Services for Indonesian Food and Beverage Restaurant

To meet this objective, I approached the redesign by selecting a more decorative font that adds sophistication and character to the logo. I also incorporated a more detailed chef’s hat to give the design an extra touch of flair and culinary identity. Maintaining the circle shape and the original colors was crucial, as these elements resonate strongly with Rasa Indo’s existing brand image and customer perception.

logo mock up for indonesian food and beverage restaurant

The result is a logo that feels fresh and modern but still retains the essence of the old design, ensuring that long-time patrons recognize and appreciate the continuity. This thoughtful balance of old and new elements helps signal to customers that while the restaurant is evolving, it still honors its rich history and commitment to quality.

Are you looking to rebrand your Indonesian restaurant and need a logo that bridges the past and the present? Look no further. As an experienced logo designer, I can help you create a design that captures the essence of your brand’s heritage while giving it a contemporary twist. Contact me today to discuss how we can work together to elevate your brand identity.