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Freelance Logo Designer Singapore

If you’re looking for a freelance logo designer in Singapore, I’m here to save the day. With over 10 years of experience in logo design, I can help you create a unique mark to help develop your company’s identity.

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How do I start working on a logo design

As a logo designer, I will make sure that your company gets the right look that would set it apart from others in your industry. Just like choosing an outfit, it is important to pick something that works for you so that people can recognize you instantly.

Before I make your logo, I need to get to know more about your business. So let’s have a chat. Based on my discussion with you, there will be 3 different logo samples based on your needs. Once we decide on which one that best suits you, can then proceed to others like name card design, letterheads and powerpoint templates etc.

Name card and logo design mock up

Some of my past works

carvinna logo design

Carvinna Logo Design

March 10, 2023

Logo design for one sixty

Branding Design for One Sixty

February 17, 2023

goodwood logo design

Goodwood Branding Design

December 23, 2022

Logo design for fantaz coffee logo design

Logo Design for Fantaz Coffee

November 4, 2022

Logo design for Bazu

Logo Design for Bazu Pet Shop

October 28, 2022

Goodtree logo design

Goodtree Branding Project

October 21, 2022

olea consultancy logo and website design

Olea Consultancy Logo and Website Design

October 21, 2022

ONE laundry packaging design

Packaging Design for ONE Laundry

October 5, 2022

Nouriche Final logo design

Logo Design for Nouriche Confinement Company

September 28, 2022

Branding Guide booklet for HRM

Company Branding Design for HRM

September 21, 2022

Final logo design for faith church copy

Logo Design for Faith Church

September 14, 2022

Final logo design for Brilliant Athenaeum

Logo Design for Brilliant Athenaeum

September 1, 2022

See more of my work

We have worked with many freelance graphic designers in the past but none can match the professionalism of Serene. She is always helpful and willing to go extra mile to help us. Sometimes we have very tight deadlines. Instead
of discussing about the additional cost involved, she got down to her work immediately and deliver first before anything else. Wonderful experience working with her. Awesome lady. We would continue to tap on
her for our future graphic design work. Thanks Serene.

CEO (Mr Chong Chee Wah) and Co-Founder (Ms Wendy Chan) of TreeBox Solutions.

I was convinced she is the graphic designer for me. As an Event Planner, I am always happy to work with people who are eager, determined, willing to go the distance and prioritizes my work. Serene was all that for me. She has the ability to think outside the box. A brilliant freelance graphic designer.

Rose K Kuruvilla, Never Ending Ideas Events

Serene is always open to our many feedbacks and requirements At the same time, she is always willing to work to meet our needs despite the many changes that we requested. Serene is a helpful and a cheerful freelance graphic designer to work with.

Lois Teoh, TVC Pte Ltd

Thank you for all the great graphic design work done! Well done!

Cindy, Deco Gifts And Print

good graphic design job with LAF Serene, we really like it! 😉

Alvaro Quesada, Business Director, Tinkle International

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an existing logo design which needs refreshing, can you do it?

Sure of course. Just send me your current logo design and let me know the concerns that you have, like what’s working with this logo and what is not. From there I will be able to work out the various mocks to choose from.

What are the files will I receive after the logo designing project is completed?

Usually it will be vector files, that are in AI and EPS. These are for professional use, for example like large format print, adverts, signboard and such.

And high res image files that are in PNG and JPG. These are for internal use. For example, website, emails, Power points and word.

I will also provide a PDF that contains the colour code in HEX, RGB, CMYK and Pantone code as well.

Do your logo design comes with a brand guide?

For a straight forward logo design, it will just come with the logo itself with the different variations. IE: black and white version, faveicons, vertical logo, horizontal logo.

But if you need a brand guide, sure I will be able to do that as well. Just let me know and I will be able to work out a package for you.

How long will a logo design take?

Roughly about 1-3 weeks. That will be 1 week for me to come up with 3 mocks and the other 2 weeks for us to make changes and experiment on things like colours, fonts and different layout and placements.

If you need a quick turn around, just let me know and I will see if I will be able to adjust and quickly work it out for you.

What if I don't like your logo design?

How dare you not like my work?!

No I am just kidding. Some times it’s inevitable that project might go side ways. When that happens, no to worry, we will sit down and go over our requirements again. Then from there I will come up with additional mocks.

Usually I have up to 5 rounds of changes which will work out to be about 8 mock ups in total. We are bound to hit something by then.

I have a logo which I lost all my vector files. Can you trace it for me?

Yes! I can do that as well. Just send me your logo file, as high res as possible, and I will be able to trace it for you. The results might not be a 100% match, but it will not be a drastic difference.

All these sounds great! But how much is a logo design?

For a straight forward logo design only, it will be a flat rate. But however, I won’t be able to publish my rates here cause… competitors la… I am sure you will understand. If you would like to know more, contact me to find out more.

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