Ecopoint, a trailblazer in the realm of sustainability, approached us with a vision that blends the classic concept of the rag and bones man with a contemporary twist. Seeking a logo design that resonates with modernity yet exudes a lively and approachable vibe, we embarked on a creative journey.

Presenting three distinct design concepts, each brimming with unique elements, we sparked inspiration in our client. With a collaborative spirit, we seamlessly integrated their favorite elements from each proposal, resulting in a vibrant and captivating final design.

Ecopoint logo design proposal 1
Ecopoint logo design proposal 2
Logo design samples

Our choice of a playful scripted font injects a friendly and informal touch, perfectly aligning with the dynamic ethos of Ecopoint. The incorporation of a location pin cleverly transformed into a tree reinforces the eco-centric theme, making the logo not just a symbol but an embodiment of sustainable values.

Ecopoint Final logo design

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