TA care solutions logo design

Engaging with TA Care Solutions on their logo design project was a compelling venture. Tasked with visually encapsulating their commitment to healthcare for the elderly, I embarked on a creative journey that seamlessly merged recognizability and symbolism.

Given the industry focus, the incorporation of a red cross was an intuitive choice, instantly evoking healthcare connotations. However, the true artistry emerged in fashioning the cross to subtly transform into a figure holding a cane, skillfully representing the targeted demographic – the elderly. This dual symbolism not only communicated the essence of healthcare but also resonated with TA Care’s specific mission.

TA care solutions logo design on signboard

Navigating through collaborative rounds of refinement, the client ultimately embraced this design, culminating in a visually compelling and purposeful logo. The project, marked by its enjoyable nature, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of creativity and functionality.

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