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Hello, I am Super Serene,
Graphic Designer from Singapore

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About the Graphic Designer

I commenced my freelancing journey in 2009, coinciding with my enrollment at SIM RMIT, where I pursued my degree in Communications Design. Initially, freelancing served as a means to cultivate my portfolio and supplement my income.

Upon completing my degree, I transitioned to a role with an events company, and I express sincere gratitude for the support of my employer, who permitted me to continue freelancing during my spare hours. Over the ensuing years, I diligently cultivated a stable clientele, honed my design proficiency, and when the opportune moment arrived, I made the decisive choice to pursue freelancing as my full-time occupation.

web banner and electronic direct mailer
A set of mobile app design for a football application

Why Choose Me?

With over a decade of experience in the dynamic field of graphic design, I have honed my skills to stay abreast of industry trends and design best practices. My extensive portfolio spans various sectors, including Food and Beverages, Engineering, Education, and Green Energy. Additionally, I take pleasure in undertaking occasional personal projects, such as crafting bespoke calendar designs for special occasions.

Located in Singapore, I offer the convenience of in-person meetings for local clients, facilitating comprehensive discussions to understand and meet your unique design needs. For those situated elsewhere, a productive collaboration is just one Zoom call away.

Engaging with clients is a passion of mine, and I find great satisfaction in leveraging my design expertise to address and resolve their challenges. I prioritize building enduring relationships, providing steadfast, long-term support. It’s a testament to the quality of my service that I have clients who have been with me since the inception of my freelance journey, a testament to the trust and satisfaction they’ve found in my work.

Some of my past works

Informative poster design mock up for children hospital

Professional Brochure Design for Children’s Hospital – Informative and Engaging

June 12, 2024

genetron catalog design

Genetron Engineering: Innovative Catalogue Design Showcase

May 8, 2024

Fraser tower TV advert

Fraser Tower Project: Elevating Your Brand with Dynamic Digital Marketing Designs

May 8, 2024

nagase poster design

Nagase Wall Feature and Poster Design

April 17, 2024

2020 Learning NIE magazine layout design

Magazine Design for Learning at NIE

April 10, 2024

DT group DL size brochure mock up

Company Brochure Design Project for DT Group

April 3, 2024

company brochure design

Marketing Materials Design for Humming Birds

March 27, 2024

Poster design for a promotion for a floral company in Singapore

Marketing Material Design for Far East’s Hari Raya Celebration

February 28, 2024

Trifold brochure design for geoplan singapore freelance designer

Tri fold brochure Design for Genoplan

February 21, 2024

newspaper advert for FSG

Newspaper Advertisement Design for FSG

January 31, 2024

Hello Tomorrow EDM design mock up

Hello Tomorrow Newsletter Design

January 10, 2024

Event invite for martell

Invitation Design for Martelle Event

December 27, 2023

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Services I Provide

Graphic Design

Brochures, posters, pull up banners, menus, car wraps, backdrops, annual reports, magazines, books, newsletters, calendars. Basically anything you can print I can do


Logo designs, Stationaries like your name cards, letterheads, power point deck that goes with your brand outline, brand guide. Basically everything you need when you start a new company.

Packaging Design

Product Labels, Boxes, Carton Boxes. Anything that you want to house your product in and make it look pretty, I will be able to help you with that.

Website Digital Design 

I do work with a developer, so yes, I will be able to help you setup your website from start to finish. I have good knowledge of HTML and CSS as well, so I do eNewsletters and EDMs. Web banners for Social media or shopping sites like lazada and shoppe, I am familiar with those as well.