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How to Setup a Killer Project Brief for Your Graphic Designer

By January 26, 2024Graphic Design
graphic designer's table

So, you’ve got a talented graphic designer on board, and you’re ready to dive into your project. So how should you put together a brief so that it will be easy for graphic designer to understand? These are some tips that you might want to consider.

  1. Quick Intro! Introduce yourself and spill the beans on why this project is the next big thing for your biz. Skip the epic saga; a quick peek into what matters will do wonders for your graphic guru.
  2. Product and Service Showtime! Dish out the deets on what makes your products and services sizzle. Why did you set up shop? What dreams and missions are you chasing? Give your designer the backstage pass.
  3. Meet the VIPs – Your End Users! Clue in your designer on the folks at the other end of your masterpiece. A logo for financial wizards is galaxies away from one for a preschool, right?
  4. Goals, Baby, Goals! Designing a banner for an expo? Handing out postcards at your company’s DnD? Spilling the beans about your sales deck? Lay it out so your designer can weave their magic accordingly.
  5. Moodboard – More Than a Party Trick! Don’t neglect the visual delights! Do some digging, find inspiration, and create a mood board. It’s like a visual high-five ensuring you and your designer are in sync. Luxury to you might be gold; to them, it could be royal blue. No worries about “copying”; good designers don’t play that game.

    No Clue? No Problem! If your creative compass is a bit wonky, your friendly graphic designer can whip up a mood board. Let’s make sure we’re vibing on the same wavelength!

  6. Time’s Ticking – Set the Clock! Let your designer in on the temporal deets. A logo in an hour? Sure, if you’re the one calling the shots. But if approvals involve a committee, spill the beans. Timelines matter for tweaking expectations.

Got a project that’s begging for a design touch? Swing by, let’s have a chat about making design dreams come true! It’s like a coffee date, but with more pixels and fewer coffee stains.

Ready to make your design dreams a reality? Let’s turn those ideas into pixels, and bring your project to life!