Logo design for NIEC Event

I was commissioned for a graphic design project by NIEC, for their upcoming graduation event. The project entailed the creation of a backdrop, banners, logo, and ticket stubs design. The client’s specifications included the requirement for a vibrant and playful design that aligns with the celebratory nature of the event, while maintaining a professional and polished appearance, suitable for a graduation ceremony honoring preschool teachers.

Ticket stub design for NIEC

To ensure visual coherence and reinforce the event’s association with the host, NIEC, I incorporated the indigo color scheme used in their logo, into the logo design for the graduation event. Employing simple yet effective visual elements, such as shapes and color, I imbued the design with a playful and vibrant sensibility, consistent with the preschool theme of the event.

photo backdrop design for NIEC

In order to imbue the banners, backdrop and ticket stubs design with a sense of clarity and sophistication, I implemented the use of color blocking. This technique helped to create a cohesive and visually harmonious aesthetic, resulting in a polished and refined final product.

A stage backdrop design for NIEC
Banner design for NIEC