Logo design for AFTN

This project entails the conceptualization and design of a logo for an ASEAN+3 event, specifically catering to their distinguished Finance Think Tank Network. The client sought a visual representation that effectively conveys the convergence of business professionals for networking, collaborative ideation, and the exchange of ideas—a fundamental aspect of the event’s core objectives.

A digital mock up of AFTN

Upon generating several design mock-ups to articulate this concept, the client selected a particular design that resonated with them. This chosen design showcases a sophisticated yet lively color scheme, incorporating shades of blue and yellow. This intentional blend strikes a balance between professionalism and a vibrant, youthful atmosphere. Noteworthy elements include strategically placed dots encircling the logo, symbolizing the dynamic flow and exchange of ideas inherent to the event’s purpose.

The finalized logo was seamlessly integrated into a digital background, strategically positioned to serve as the key visual during the event. This thoughtful presentation enhances the overall visual impact and resonance of the logo within the event’s digital landscape.

If you have a forthcoming logo design project that demands precision and creativity, I invite you to engage in a discussion. Let’s explore how I can contribute my expertise to ensure the successful realization of your project objectives. Your collaboration is key to achieving a design solution that aligns seamlessly with your vision and goals.