Thomson Hospital Guide Booklet Design Mock up Feature image
Thomson Hospital Guide book design mock up

Engaged in a comprehensive project encompassing a 40-page booklet design for Thomson Medical, a prominent healthcare institution. The booklet is strategically designed to serve as an informative guidebook catering to both patients and potential patients, offering a comprehensive overview of the hospital’s facilities and services. This pivotal resource condenses crucial information about the institution, enhancing the user experience.

Thomson Hospital Guide Design mock up

establishment, I have meticulously adhered to their brand guidelines. Drawing from these guidelines, I orchestrated the layout with precision, incorporating chapter dividers and illustrative visuals to facilitate swift information retrieval for users. This approach ensures that the presentation remains coherent and user-friendly, preventing information overload.

Collaborating closely with the hospital’s marcom department, a seamless exchange of information and feedback was maintained. Weeks of dedicated effort culminated in the successful completion of this indispensable guidebook, primed for both digital and print distribution.

Thomson Hospital Guide Design mock up

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