As part of the branding process for a traditional Chinese fish trading company, I developed three distinct mock-ups with the aim of capturing the essence of Chinese art and culture. To achieve this, I incorporated Chinese-styled illustrations that I believed would be fitting for the client’s brand.

In keeping with the client’s request, the main focus of the logo design was centered around the soon hock and grouper – the primary fish species traded by the company on a daily basis.

Logo design mock up for book teck

The client expressed a strong interest in the initial concept presented, recognizing its unique and distinctive qualities as diverging from the conventional logos commonly encountered in the fish industry. They offered insightful suggestions on exploring alternative layouts and color schemes to further enhance the design’s impact and distinctive character.

Logo design variation for choosen concept.

Upon completion of the logo design process, the final design was presented to the client, who expressed their satisfaction with the outcome. The project spanned a total of two weeks, during which the design underwent rigorous revisions and meticulous refinement.

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A logo design for boon teck seafood.