This was a logo design project for a new pet shop named Bazu. The client wanted something really clean and simple, a font based logo with some small illustration within the font to show that it’s a pet shop.

Bazu Logo colour scheme

Client also mentioned that he wanted these colours to be used in the logo as well.

From there I came up with 3 different logo proposal for the client to choose from.

Bazu logo design mock proposal 1
Bazu logo design mock proposal 2

For the first mock (left), I used the letter U as the face of a dog. And I added a little tongue to give a more playful vibe to the whole logo.

For the second proposal, I used the negative space in the letter B to create a dog bone.

Logo design for Bazu

For the final proposal, which is the one that the client picked, I used one of the negative space in the letter B to create the shape of a puppy. And I picked out a font that has a rounded edge and minimal to give a more friendly and clean feel.

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