A logo design for a local coffee brand, Fantaz Coffee. The client did not have a very clear idea of what they are looking for, so they let me have the freedom to propose my ideas to them.

Logo design mock up proposal for Fantaz coffee

The first concept (left) was to create like a old traditional brand using reds and bold letters. Something like a seal that an old Chinese emperor would use.

The second concept (middle) was to use an illustration of an uncle in a kopitiam making sock coffee. Which essentially what Fantaz Coffee is, Traditional nanyang coffee.

The third concept (right) is using a more vintage touch, like the kind of logo that you would see on old TCM packagings.

Logo design mock up proposal for Fantaz coffee 2

My client liked the concept of a character, something like a mascot for the logo. So they went with concept 2. But they don’t really connect with the kind of illustration that is proposed on the first mock. They wanted something more friendly and welcoming. And instead of the uncle making the coffee, they want to appeal to the consumers, so they want me to illustrate the person who will drink the coffee instead.

I came up with these 3 different uncle illustrations.

Final proposal for fantaz coffee logo design

They liked this particular illustration and wanted to experiment with a few different colours. And then we finalised with this version.

Logo design for fantaz coffee logo design