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6 Tips on Choosing the Right Freelance Graphic Designer

By January 3, 2024January 8th, 2024Graphic Design
Graphic designer desk

Finding a freelance graphic designers sure can be a rollercoaster ride! But worry not, I’ve got your back with five kopi-o tips to help you find the perfect match for your project:

  1. Check Out Their Kung Fu in the Portfolio: Take a good look at the designer’s past work. Confirm that their style and quality jive with what you want. Confirm got chemistry or not; confirm your vibes match. Confirm got swag lah!
  2. Jio Them for a Heart-to-Heart: Besides stalking their online portfolio, go for a kopi session or a Zoom call. Ask them questions, lor. Sometimes, the good stuff is kept secret. This one-on-one chat gives you the lowdown on their skills and personality.
  3. See Whether They Power in Your Area: Check what the designer is super good at. Confirm whether they’re king of illustrations, branding, or print design. Must align with your project, lah. Confirm got synergy or not.
  4. Dollars and Sense – Budget Smart: Don’t only look at the price tag, ah. Check if the cost makes sense for the project quality. Get some quotations and see the market rates. Adjust your expectations based on their expertise. Don’t hiam-hiam only, okay?
  5. Talk Cock Responsibly: Confirm they talk cock with you effectively. Give them a ring, drop a text, check how fast they reply. If they take forever, maybe got problem lah. Fast and clear talk is confirm professional one.
  6. Try Before You Buy – Small Project Style: Like how you test drive car first, lah. Give them a small project as a trial lor. See if they meet your expectations. And if got meet, working together sure smooth smooth one.

So, if you need a graphic designer who confirm steady one for your project, I’m here, leh! Open for new gigs, lah. Call me anytime, and we can chat over kopi – no obligation one. Let’s tok kok and see how we can make your project fly.