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Please bear with me for a while

By June 26, 2014June 17th, 2022personal
graphic designer freelance

Hello everyone! I have updated my website and it is bigger, new and better! and it is responsive as well. I am really excited. But of course it is still a work in progress and I am trying to populate my portfolio page. I have been working on my site since 6pm yesterday and right now it is almost 3am in Singapore. This whole CMS thing is still really new to me. But after almost 9 hrs of work, I would say I have leveled up on my CMS skills. very soon, I would be able to help my clients to create CMS website. ( plus i was working on my client’s stuff since 9am today.. I officially have worked for 16 hrs today!)

this lay out gives me so much more freedom and I would be able to blog easier too. Due to my lack of CMS knowledge, it was really difficult to update my previous site. So obviously right now, I will blog more often.

So in the mean time, just bear with me for a while, while i try to populate my portfolio page. I am really really tired right now.

PS: Just had 6 hrs of sleep and I am up fresh to fix my website… 🙂 But, gonna do my quiet time first.