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Random thoughts of a graphic designer in Singapore

By January 6, 2015February 14th, 2024personal
graphic designer freelance

I remember the time when I just started freelancing. I was so young and so eager to please each and every one of my clients. Everything my clients say, I everything also say can.

“can do this or not?”

“can put that thing┬áhere or not?”

“can cheaper or not?”

“can free or not?”
“erm… ok┬álor….”

now after freelancing for a while, I learn to put myself in my client’s shoes and learn how to say no to things.

Yes clients knows their products and business best, but there are just SOME things, really will have to listen to us.

Like for example, “my brochure i want blue background, then the foot notes I want red… cause corporate colour ma…”


This would work, if my client sells reading glasses, and his aim is to give them myopia and then after that they will go and purchase glasses from his company…