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Staying Positive as a Freelance Designer

By January 14, 2015June 23rd, 2022personal
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This is an article about staying positive as a freelance designer. I just read an article about G.E.M on how she stay positive.

I kind of relate to something she said.
““When I see these negative reports that try to sow discord, I become unhappy. I saw a lot of these in 2014, more than ever before, so I got used to it and learnt to manage my own emotions. I also stopped reading these negative reports. That way, they don’t affect you, and you will only give off positive energy to your family, friends, fans and your production staff,” said the singer.”

The things GEM is dealing with is obviously a lot different than what I am facing.
As a freelancer, we will get bad and negative responds from clients time to time. Our lecturers always tells us not to take those comments personally. But I feel no matter how long you are in this business, it will eventually get to you. So trying to stay positive about your work can be quite difficult at times.

This is how i cope with it. When I receive a negative feed back, I will read it. fix it , then delete it. So there are no negative responds in my email. And when I receive positive feed back, I will keep them in my archive. So positive vibe will always be there when I need it.